In light of the pandemic, G2G has partnered with medical services and are now offering new products: 

  1. Screening businesses for COVID-19 as per government regulations. 
  2. Sanitizing offices and premises.


Throughout the stages that the president has proposed and will be implemented over the foreseeable future, it is evident that screening for COVID-19 will be very important for the safety of employees and ensuring that your business is protected from being shut down due to infection.

Whether your business is small, medium, or large G2G can assist with a professional solution. 


  1. Daily the employees will report to work at a specific time where they will check in to the health check desk.
  2. Each employee will have their temperature taken by a medical-grade non-contact thermometer. Their temperature must be normal (35.5 to 37.2 degrees).
  3. Social distancing during this process must be managed. 
  4. Employees then proceed to the check-in desk and provide identification to the operator.
  5. Employees answer a short questionnaire with yes or no answers – customizable as regulations change.
  6. If the employee’s temperature is normal and the questionnaire is answered satisfactorily they will be issued a wristband allowing access to the premises. 
  7. The wristband will state the name of the company/project/department the employee is allocated to as well as their name and surname.
  8. The system stores the employee’s temperature and answers daily.
  9. This process can be repeated multiple times a day if required by law. 
  10. A different color wristband is used for each time the process is repeated for clear identification of who has completed the process and who has not yet done so.

Contact G2G for pricing on this service. It can be tailor-made for your business.


G2G can assist with professional cleaning services to sanitize your offices to prevent infection or sanitize after exposure to the virus.

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